Ultra-consistent “Ulu’s” is the focal point of Balinese surfing thanks to it’s ability to handle any size swell from small to large and spread the biggest of crowds across a wide playing field of reef. It’s sectioning, hollow walls always produce great waves, starting with faster, high tide, occasional tuck-ins up at Temples that lead down to the muscular, steep drops of

The Peak that offers open face with hollow pockets directly in front of the famous cave. It can sometimes jump the deadspot and barrel through to the start of the Racetrack, which twists and bends the wailing walls in an ever increasing race against the falling curtain.

When swells exceed the 8-10ft mark,

Outside Corner will rumble into life, with heavy, thick-lipped sections at low tide for experts on sturdy pintails. Main hazard is the crowd, followed by the reef and the constant higher tide sweep that requires aiming for a spot well south of the cave to come in.

Blow it and you’ll paddle another 15min circuit.